Threat Quotient

We focus on nicely designed, wellbuilt & highly secured
web, mobile and e-commerce applications.

Threat Quotient

Client: Threat Quotient, Inc.

Technology Used:

  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery
  • PHP, MySql
  • CMS: WordPress

Completion Time:

4 Weeks

What Did:

  • Business Need Analysis
  • New, Custom Web Design and User Interface
  • WordPress Customization

About the Business:

ThreatQuotient is a cyber-security software and consulting company with expertise in enhancing adversarial detection and blocking through automation of cyber threat intelligence. ThreatQuotient provides a full range of professional services including ThreatQ customization, cybersecurity design and development, and SOC assessments/consulting. ThreatQ is a Cyber Threat Library solution that delivers three core capabilities: threat indicator management, spearphish attack trending and analysis, and adversary profiling.